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Need To Move Your Piano? Stop And Read This First!

Just by looking at a piano you can see it is a clumsy item to move – weighty, unwieldy, valuable and easily damaged – ESPECIALLY if you don’t have experience in piano removals Auckland. Even pushing a grand piano to a new position should only be done by experienced people especially if the piano is old. The first rule of piano removals in Auckland is: Don’t Try To Move Your Piano By Yourself! You could damage yourself, the piano or both. Read our top tips for piano removals Auckland. The Professional Factor For Piano Removals Auckland As a professional piano removals team, Auckland, we have been trained to move grands, uprights and electrical pianos. This specialist removals process requires specific technician’s tools, niche techniques and experience. Without these elements the risk of damage is high. Central Movers will ensure the correct personnel are appointed to do an extremely careful, piano-specific move of your beloved instrument. The Preparation For Piano Removals Auckland To prepare the piano for its big move, we will ask you to have the piano thoroughly dusted and wiped with a slightly moist cloth – NOT wet. Next, you can remove any detachable items e.g. the music desk or music shelf. We can offer this service as well. Prior to the move, we will plot the exit journey, through your interior, for your piano to our truck. We will ask you to move any items that are blocking the way. We do offer this service as well. If it comes down to fractional amounts of extra space needed in doorways, we can offer the carpentry service of removing the doors for you and rehanging them. We will also check the exterior route to the truck and will discuss any adjustments needed there. We recommend that you take date-stamped photos of your piano prior to us dismantling it and packing it. A grand piano would be partially dismantled by our team and each individual item will be carefully wrapped, packed and labelled. The Insurance For Piano Removals Auckland It is important that you notify your insurer that this valuable asset is being moved. Your insurer may state that you require removal-specific insurance. We can offer this to you or your insurer can supply it. The Tuning Of Pianos After Piano Removals Auckland There was a legacy story that used to do the rounds which said that a piano should be tuned as soon as it arrived. This is incorrect. It is recommended that you let the wood of the piano acclimate to its new home for about thirty to forty-five days before calling in the piano tuner. Temperature, precipitation, humidity and heat from lighting will slowly take effect on the structure of the instrument. Then when it is all tuned up, it’s time to have the house warming sing-along! For professional piano removals Auckland, call the experienced Central Movers team.

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