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Furniture Movers Auckland

Here at Central Furniture Movers, we are your #1 choice when it comes to furniture movers in Auckland. We have been involved in hundreds of residential and commercial moves and know how important it is to properly look after your furniture when moving it. Our expert team, friendly customer service, and cutting edge equipment is what puts us a step ahead of our competitors in the industry.

Business and House Furniture Movers

Whether you need commercial furniture moved to its new premises, or you are in the middle of moving houses, our furniture movers in Auckland are your ideal choice as we offer both commercial and residential furniture moving services.
We have vast experience when it comes to both commercial and residential moves and it is this experience that will streamline your move and ensure that everything goes completely according to plan!
For homeowners we offer everything from moving a single item all the way through to moving all the furniture in your 6 bedroom house. As for business owners we offer shop moves, warehouse moves, office moves, and more!

Labour for Your Furniture Move in Auckland!

If you have ever moved furniture before you will know that it can be very labour intensive. Here at Central Furniture Movers we can provide labour for your move. We can provide up to 25 men that can help move your furniture if you are moving in the same building, moving furniture upstairs, moving oversized items, or to load containers. Whatever your labour needs may be with regards to furniture, we can definitely help meet these needs at an affordable rate.
Don’t put your back out! Hire the professionals.

Furniture Delivery Auckland

Have you bought a piece of furniture but you’re not too sure how you’re going to get it safely to your place? Instead of asking a friend or struggling to get it to fit into your car, why not just call the expert team at Central Furniture Movers in Auckland? We aim to make moving furniture simple and easy, and we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with our comprehensive furniture services.

Furniture Removalists, North Shore, Auckland

As experts in furniture removals in West Auckland, we know how to completely simplify the furniture removal process to make it all the easier for you. Do you have furniture that you’re looking to get rid of, sell, or move to another location? Then we are your dream team and we look forward to your call.

Single Item Furniture Movers, NZ

Do you need a single piece of furniture moved? Perhaps you’re selling a unique item or giving it away as a gift? While many homeowners are able to transport small items like chairs themselves, when it comes to large and awkward pieces such as couches, pianos, pool tables, dining tables, it is often best to get the professionals involved. This way you know that your piece of furniture will reach its destination safely and in the same condition that it left your home in!

Fully Customised Furniture Moving Services in Auckland

At Central Furniture Movers we understand that each person’s moving requirements are slightly different, and that is why we are able to come up with customised packages for your move. As we have already mentioned, we are able to move just a single item for you. But most people require a bit more than that, so we are also capable of moving all of the furniture in your typical 6-bedroom home! Whatever your needs may be, we are ready and excited to meet them.
Are you looking for furniture movers in Auckland that you can really trust? Here at Central Furniture Movers we have taken care of hundreds of both commercial and residential moves. We know how stressful transporting your furniture can be and we aim to make your move as stress-free and convenient as possible.

Residential Furniture Movers Auckland

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