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Enjoy The Benefits Of Packing Services In Auckland

Moving is one thing but the packing and unpacking pre- and post-moving are when the groaning and frustration starts. Unfortunately, due to this, packing usually starts well and ends with ‘stuff-it-in-any-box’.
Packing is very important. It is the KEY factor in protecting your goods and makes your unpacking at the destination easier.
Packing a whole home sometimes needs three hundred boxes and that is a mammoth task. Central Movers offer affordable, very professional packing services in Auckland to make your move a breeze!

Packing Services In Auckland – Options

One of the easiest ways to make your move more pleasant, faster and more effective is to ask your moving company for packing services in Auckland. We tailor the packing service to meet your needs and budget.
You may want to do the easy rooms and leave the complex rooms for us. to work through and itemise. Or you may want us to do all the packing and you do the unpacking.

Asset Safety

Our teams of experts have been packing for years and they know exactly how to pack your precious assets to reduce the risk of breakages. The attention to detail and care with which they will wrap your goods will be far better than your inexperienced efforts.


The packing that our experienced team does for you will be methodical with no exasperated ‘stuff-in-any-box’ moments. Each of your boxes will be labelled per room or area and this will make unpacking many times easier in your new home.


Most of us are extremely busy and putting our life on hold to pack for hour after hour, week after week, is almost impossible to achieve and truly exhausting. Let our caring team take this overwhelming burden off of your shoulders. Your precious belongings will be packed correctly, safely, methodically and quickly. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

Boxes Are Included

When you book our packing service we will do the assessment of the goods and the allocation of the correct amount of boxes per function e.g. different boxes are used for books versus attire versus glassware. You will not be burdened with working out how many boxes per function to order.
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We are an Auckland based moving company, specialising in packing and moves for the home or office.
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