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Moving pianos, and other cumbersome and valuable items such as pool tables, requires the skills and expertise of a professional moving team. Attempting to move these items on your own could result in injury, that is why it is always better to call the professionals from the start!
Here at Central Furniture Movers we are known as your first choice when it comes to piano removals in Auckland. We have helped move dozens of pianos and pool tables and know what it takes to move these items safely and effectively. We have the right team and the right equipment to make your move a simple one!

Commercial and Residential Piano Moves

There are many reasons why you may be wanting to move your piano. Perhaps you’re moving house, you’re putting it into storage, or selling it to someone on the other side of town. The same goes for if you’re a business owner…you may be relocating or selling your piano to another establishment. And there could be similar reasons for things like pool tables etc.
Whatever your reasons for needing a piano moved, the team at Central Furniture Movers is here to make your move an easy one. Choose us as your piano and pool table movers!

Labour for Moving Pianos

Sometimes you don’t need a piano to be moved to a different location but need it moved to a different room in the house, or have it moved upstairs, or perhaps you’re moving to a different flat in the same block. In this case you don’t need a moving truck but you may need help, in the form of labour, to get your piano to its new desired position.
We have a team of up to 25 men who can help you move your piano, pool table, or any other piece of furniture! Have your furniture moved safely and with no damage to your valuables, or to you!

Why Choose Central Furniture Movers as for Your Piano and Furniture Removals in Auckland

Whatever your moving needs may be, Central Furniture Movers can ensure that your next move will be the simplest one.

Looking for piano movers on the North Coast that you can rely on? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professional team at Central Furniture Movers today. We’d love the opportunity to be a part of your next move!

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