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But I Only Need A Single Item Of Furniture Moved – Can I Call Movers In NZ?

Have you ever had that situation where you just had one single item of furniture moved, and getting movers in NZ seemed excessive? So, you asked some mates to come and help and what happened?  One of them put his back out, the item got damaged, or something else got damaged, right?

We have all been there and done that.  In the future, when you need a single item of furniture moved, call the movers in NZ to do it for you.

Can You Hire Single Item Furniture Movers In NZ?

Yes, you can. And here is when and why you should consider this option.  Moving and transporting extremely heavy, cumbersome, fragile, sentimental or valuable items such as pool tables, antiques, artworks, fridges and freezers, grandfather clocks, hot tubs, safes and pianos require the skill and experience of a professional moving team.

Extremely heavy objects pose a serious injury risk to those helping to carry them, and also the risk of damage if dropped. Also, such objects can cause damage to persons, buildings etc., if not handled correctly.

Professional furniture movers will know how to move these items safely and efficiently. And they will have all the right equipment and packaging materials required for the task.

You can hire single item furniture movers in NZ for any of the following situations of moving one item:

  • Within the same town or city, to another state or another country – your moving company will streamline the process by providing labour and an appropriately sized vehicle.
  • Within your own home or other building, for example, moving an awkward or very heavy object upstairs or downstairs – labour can be provided at an hourly rate.

What Will It Cost To Hire Single Item Furniture Movers In NZ?

Moving single items is a specialised field of the moving business, so each case will be evaluated on its complexity, distance and time frames.

Expect that there will be labour and transportation costs and possibly costs for packing materials and the use of specialised equipment if you have a particularly tricky task for the moving company.

Discuss your requirements with two or three reputable moving companies, check out their references and reviews and then ask them to give you an estimate.  Remember that the cheapest one is not necessarily the best option.

If you are looking for single item furniture movers in NZ, contact Central Furniture Movers today. We are experts at moving all types of single items with the right team and the right equipment to make the move simple for you.