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Don’t Move These Things To Your New Home!

Let’s be honest, we’re a moving company so we want people to move lots of stuff. But we also love our customers so we really hate to see them wasting money. So, here are our top tips for things that you should not include in your furniture removals to your new home in West Auckland. This will save you money, time and stress. Triple win!

Don’t Pack These Items For Furniture Removals

You’ve been purging your home for a few weeks but the “keep pile” is huge. So here is how to whittle your furniture removal costs down:


Make a list of any item that you are battling to donate or dispose of and rate them on:

  • How easy will it be to replace them?
  • How often is this item used?
  • How valuable is the item to other people?


Be honest about which clothing pieces get trotted out regularly in the different seasons. Donate or sell the rest. Clothing usually consumes a huge quantity of boxes and when we question clients, they admit that they barely use 50% of the clothes that they are packing.

Bulky Stuff

Literature, DVDs, CDs and vinyls gobble up boxes because you cannot pack a box full before the weight becomes an issue. Obsolete laptops, computers, DVD and CD players, Xboxes and dusty Wii games also take up space. Donate these or have a garage sale.

Admin Papers

Papers of low importance are a waste to pack. If you have to keep 10-year-old statements for your clothing accounts (why?) then rather scan them and store them digitally.

Bathroom Pandora Box

Bathrooms are a source of diverse and sometimes scary stuff. How many expired products do you think there is in the cabinets? Ask your pharmacy how to dispose of expired medication and those now-non-adhesive plasters can get binned with the old hotel shampoo you nicked.

Retired Furniture

Furniture items are big-ticket items to move because of their size and weight. Your move to a fresh new home could be the moment that you can finally get fresh new furniture that is up to date, with sturdy internal foam and lovely upholstery. Re-upholstering and re-foaming old furniture sometimes can cost more than buying a new item. Charity and welfare organizations would love to collect your old (but usable) furniture.

Garage Chaos

Some people’s garages are an interim dumpsite that never gets emptied. If there ever was a room that needed a serious purge, it would be the garage. Be ruthless and ask friends to help by making sure you throw the maximum amount away.

Bed Linen

Every household has a mattress that should have been retired or some sheets or bed linen on its last sentimental legs. Invest in new bedding and a clean dust-mite-free mattress for a fresh start in your new home.


These are not all the tips but the top tips but if you just follow these you will slash your total furniture removals bill and have a lighter start in your new home.

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