How To Do A Minimalist Move

A minimalist home move is, without a doubt, the easiest move to undertake – once you get to the minimalist level. Use our furniture mover’s tips in West Auckland to achieve this. What Is Minimalism? Minimalism is about living well – with less. It doesn’t mean a clinical home devoid of character, it’s about keeping items that bring tangible value to your life while you ditch (or don’t take on) those items that don’t. How To Approach It Minimalism starts with not buying or scrounging unnecessarily. If are past that then the next thing is decluttering. Decluttering must happen before packing up. Start with two decisions: What are you getting rid of? Where does “it” go to? Big items require more logistics so planning ahead will help. The Sorting Process You can choose a room, cupboard or type of item as your starting point. Separate the discarded items into donation, recycling and trash piles. Donations should be new or lightly used and recipients could be a school, library, welfare organisation or animal welfare organisation. Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. You can also take batteries, electronics and appliances to specialist recycling centres. And the rest goes into the trash pile but do your utmost to keep this to a minimum so your impact on the landfill is minimal. General Decluttering Guidelines Letting good of ‘things’ is easier said than done so it helps to remember that just because you own something does not mean it brings value to your life. Because You Should Guilt is anti-minimalist so let go of that awful artwork from your late cousin. Keep the memory or photograph it so it casts to your home monitor from your digital cloud storage. Negativity is also a  no-no. Get rid of items that hold negative memories or reactions. Those size 6 denims or the Sexy You mug from your ex. 90/90 Rule A good guideline to use for paring things off is if you haven’t utilised something for 90 days and won’t be using it for 90 days then out the door it goes. If this makes you panic then use a 6-month marker as a starting point (6 months before and after your date of sorting). Never Again If there is something that you would never buy again (if you didn’t have one right now) then it’s obviously not adding much value. Out it must go. Temporary Storage If it’s proving too difficult to get rid of some items then move them into temporary storage while you see if you miss them. Put these items in a temporary storage box and don’t bring the box into your new home. Beg a storage favour from a friend and if you haven’t missed the items after 3 months then get rid of them. Goal Setting Paring off things is not easy for everyone so put down some non-negotiable goals for yourself e.g. reduce clothing, Tupperware or crafting ‘stuff’ by fifty per cent. Goals can help turn your paring off into a game by rewarding yourself for achieving each goal. Reward yourself with a feeling of lightness & new beginnings with our minimalist furniture movers tips in West Auckland! contact us. Ph 0272043266 

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