Should You Book Movers For A Single Item, Auckland?

Moving a potplant is one thing but moving Aunty Alice’s 19th-century wardrobe that weighs 50 to 80kgs is not something a regular homeowner can undertake.

Using single item movers, Auckland, for cumbersome, heavy or highly fragile items is definitely the sensible option to go for. Here is an overview of the need for movers.

When To Use Single Item Movers

A reasonably robust, not-too-heavy item can be relocated using your own vehicle or a borrowed ute. You might even consider renting a small moving van and leaning on friends for muscle power.

The challenge is when the item is a big-ticket item, you run the risk of damaging it due to inexperience. Or, if the item is sensitive to moves e.g. a piano, grandfather clock, delicate (but large) sculpture, pool table or hot tub. A professional will know how to package it, carry it or crate it.

Items of extreme weight can cause you, or those friends, serious physical injury as well as a threat of damage to your property. The additional cost incurred will far outweigh the cost of single item movers.

But Are There Single Item Movers In Auckland?

Quick answer: yes, you are on the website of one of them, fortuitously.

Moving a single item is not as cost-effective as moving 140 boxes of items but it is fairly priced.

Whether it’s that large wardrobe or a 90cm wide, free-standing kitchen range, local movers can help. They will prepare the item, supply labour for carrying the item, insure the item and deliver it safely – saving you many hours of worry and hassle.

Even if Aunty Alice’s ginormous wardrobe needs to go from Whangārei to Wellington, single item movers can help. The long-distance trailers often have a little space available in which your wardrobe or sculpture can be positioned.

Benefits Of Single Item Movers

A professional removals company will have years of experience, knowledge, equipment and technical data. They will also know the best health and safety approach. Look on YouTube and you will find millions of videos of failed DIY home moves and understand the risk points.

The professionals will also have superior packaging materials and the latest moving equipment. They will know how to pack things to minimise damage to high-risk points.

They will also insure the entire process from A to Z

Single item options help movers fill their loads and you benefit as the fuller load has less shifting space. Less shifting equals lowered breakage risk.

Sharing a load means you will only pay for your portion of the long-distance section plus the short direct delivery portion.

In peak seasons it may be harder to find a shared load due to market demand but a little planning ahead will sort that out for you pronto.

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